Ted Ligety

Ted Ligety is on the U.S. Ski Team, he started his career at Park City Mountain Resort. This year, opening his season, he won three World Cup giant slalom races in a row. The Winter Olympics

Here is Ted Ligety with the crysatl globe.
Here is Ted Ligety with the crystal globe.

last year didn’t go well for Ted Ligety. But he has made big improvements since last year. Last year even though he won the crystal globe, Ted Ligety didn’t live up to his expectations.  “I don’t feel like last season was all that great, except for walking away with a globe. It’s cool to be able to ski at this level for multiple years,” said Ted.  Ted has been on the U.S. Ski Team for 7  years. Here is another quote that Ted Ligety has said, “We had a super promising team going into the Olympics and it was amazing to see Bode, Andrew, Lindsey and Julia really take charge and dominate like they did. I would have liked to have contributed to that and definitely should have, but ski racing is funny like that.”

Here is a video of Ted Ligety ski racing:

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Julia Ford

Julia Ford is a famous ski racer on the US Ski Team. She  started her ski racing career at Okemo Mountain (the mountain I race at).  After being on the US Development for four years, Julia made it to the U.S. C Team for the 2011 season.  Closing her season Julia finished in 2nd in downhill and 3rd in super G (see more about downhill and super G on my post, Different Types of Ski Racing) at the Swedish National Championships. “I’m so proud to be from the East and that the Golden Ski Award exists to recognize Eastern skiers. Winning three years in a row is pretty special. Now I’ve got to keep that momentum going into next season. I’m looking forward to hopefully more World Cup and Europa Cup starts,” says Julia Ford.
This is a video of Julia Ford ski racing.                             Works Cited

Julia Mancuso Takes First in Downhill Finals

It has been four years since Julia Mancuso has come in first in the World Cup. On March 16th she claimed the top on the podium in Lenzerheide, Switzerland during the World Cup Finals. She has had five wins like this in her career. “It’s the first time in four years, it’s great to be back winning,” said Julia  Mancuso. “I watched Lara [Gut] ski so I knew I had to ski really fast because she nailed it. That’s all it was, all or nothing this time, last downhill of the season so it feels good.” Lindsey Vonn took first over all in the World Cup, she won the crystal globe.           Works Cited

This is what Crystal Globes look like.
This is what Crystal Globes look like.


VARA stands for Vermont Alpine Racing Association. VARA has racing results that take place in Vermont. It also has standings. Standings are what shows the place your are in in your division. VARA also has news about different races. Live -Timing is also on the VARA website, it’s so you can see the times of a race and what place everyone is in while the race is going on. On the website there is also a calender to show when the races are.                                 Works Cited

Click here to go to the VARA website!
Click here to go to the VARA website!


OMARA is stands for Okemo Mountain Racing Association. It is an organization that I am a part of, based at Okemo Mountain Resort. There are three parts to OMARA: alpine racing, freestyle, and snowboarding. The part that I’m in is, alpine racing.

Alpine Racing:  Alpine racing has a lot of different part to it. It has: The Hopefuls Program, The Devo Team (Devo stands for development), Council Team, Devo PG, J3 (13 and 14 years old), J1’s and J2’s (15-18 years old).

This is the OMARA Logo
This is the OMARA Logo.

Freestyle: The freestyle team ages range from, 8 years old to 16 years old. They go to many different competitions. They learn about doing tricks.

Snowboarding:  The snowboarding team is for any advanced snowboarding ages 8-18 that want to improve in their snowboarding.               Works Cited


This is the logo for FIS.
This is the logo for FIS.

FIS stands for the International Ski Federation. FIS is known by it’s name in French Fèdèration Internationale de Ski. It’s the main international organization for skiing sports. FIS was founded by 14 member nations in 1924 in Chamonix, France. Now it has 111 national ski associations. Today it’s based in, Oberhofen am Thunersee, Switzerland. Visit the FIS site: http://www.fis-ski.com/.               Works Cited

Lindsey Vonn News

2011 Laureus World Sports Award announced Lindsey Vonn being on the list of world top athletes as of January, 11. The announcement of the contenders such as, Lindsey Vonn, Kobe Bryant, and Rafael Nadal suggests that 2011 awards could be one of the best and most closely contested ever. Lindsey Vonn has already won two Excellence in Sports Performance, Yearly Award Female Athlete of the Year and Female Olympic Athlete of the Year.

“This has been a great year for sport and the Academy are going to find it extremely difficult to decide who to vote for as winners,” said Laureus World Sports Academy Chairman Edwin Moses.                  Works Cited